How to play dodgeball; dodgeball rules

The object of dodgeball is for the members of one team of players to hit players on the opposing team with throws of a volleyball or a soccer ball. Chalk out a playing area 30 feet long and wide enough to let all the players stand side by side. Divide the area in half by chalking across its width.

Divide the players into two teams, then withdraw with your players to one side of the court while your opponents go to the opposite side. Throw the ball across the center line and try to hit the players on the other side. The players struck are out and must leave the field. Players may try to dodge the ball, but anyone who crosses the center, side, or back line is out.

To win, your team must strike out all opponents. Your team repeats its turn when it hits someone. If you or a team member throws and misses, the opposing team has a go at it.