How to get rid of toothache pain

What to do about the pain until you can see a dentist

Most toothaches are a sign of decay-that is, of tooth deterioration caused by acids formed in the mouth by bacterial breakdown of sugars. (For measures to reduce this risk, especially in children. Decay begins with erosion of the enamel, the tooth’s hard outer covering; a small cavity forms. Untreated, decay can progress to the pulp. or heart, of the tooth, which contains nerves and blood vessels. See a dentist promptly about any toothache, however mild.

How to do good tooth care

A program to preserve teeth and gums

Tooth care should begin in early infancy. Even while gums are toothless, wipe them twice a day with a gauze pad to reduce decay-causing bacteria. Don’t let a baby go to sleep sucking a bottle of milk or fruit juice. Both liquids contain sugar, which feeds bacteria. The longer the bottle stays in the mouth, the greater the risk.

How to survive a tornadoe

Recognizing if one may be imminent; how to survive one

Tornadoes are swirling fingers of cloud in which the air motion reaches speeds up to 500 miles per hour. They move over the earth at 5 to 40 miles per hour. Preludes to a tornado are a gathering of huge, dark storm clouds (often tinted green), a sudden silence among animals, insects, and birds. and the appearance of enormous hailstones followed by large raindrops. A tornado begins when part of a cloud bulges downward, forming a funnel.