How to make a citizen’s arrest

If you see a crime being committed and no police officer is in sight, you have the right to make a citizen’s arrest. If you do decide to make one, be very careful. Not only do you risk being hurt if the suspect is armed or
dangerous but you may be sued if you make a mistake.

You are entitled to make a citizen’s arrest when you see a felony (a serious crime usually involving violence) or someone fleeing from one. Check with your local police department or district attorney to learn if you can arrest someone for a misdemeanor (a minor crime, such as vandalism).

How to get a copy of your birth certificate

Generally, the physician who attends a birth files a birth certificate with the state department of public health, the state department of vital statistics (usually a branch of the health department) or, in a few states, with the county clerk. In some large cities, the city itself keeps birth certificates in its own records department.

To get a copy of your birth certificate, write to the appropriate office in the capital of the state or in the city where you were born. The office may be listed in the phone book under the health department or vital statistics department. It may even be listed under “Birth Certificates” in a quick-reference list of state or local government offices. If all else fails, contact the municipal office or county clerk in the place where you were born.