How to fix a car radio

Turn on the radio. If you hear static, the problem maybe in the antenna. Or the radio housing’s electric ground may have loosened. Connect a jumper wire (a length of wire with an alligator clip at each end) securely to body metal and to the radio housing. If the radio then plays normally, look for a grounding wire, usually black, leading from the radio housing to body metal or to a dashboard brace. Clean and tighten the connections at both ends or replace the wire if it is broken.

How to wash your car

Ideally, wash your car every few weeks. Hose off loose dirt first. Then use a sponge to wash the surface with a sudsy solution of water and a detergent made for car washing. (Don’t use household detergents; they may be too harsh and can streak a car’s finish.) Rinse the car, working from the roof down.

Remove bugs and road tar with a tar remover. Tree sap, bird droppings, and other stubborn stains may require a spot application of cleaner polish, a product sold for weathered car finishes. Rinse the car again after using any special cleaners, then wipe it dry with an old terry-cloth towel or similar soft, absorbent cloth. When to polish

How to deice car windows

Clearing snow or ice from a small circle of windshield glass maybe enough for you to see your way out of the driveway, but it isn’t adequate for safe driving. You can do a better, safer job with a little extra effort.

First, use a push broom to brush snow from the hood and the roof. Otherwise, snow will blow onto the windshield from the hood as you accelerate and from the roof when you brake.