The best cheap labor day party planning tips

the-best-cheap-labor-day-party-planning-tips-photoLabor Day, the first Monday in September, is either the first holiday of the fall season or the last holiday of summer, according to your calendar of entertaining. By any calendar the Labor Day week end is a time for hospitality. In some families it is the time for a cookout with the children, or a bicycle picnic. In town, Labor Day may be the occasion for friends coming back from Europe and the country and other vacation places to get together to catch up on the summer’s news.

How to host a 4th of july party spectacular

how-to-host-a-4th-of-july-party-spectacular-photoIn place of this kind of luncheon, the family may be feeding the school orchestra after its morning’s duties. Either playroom or backyard barbecue service will please these teen-agers. A favorite menu consists of hamburgers on toasted buns, milk drinks made in the electric mixer (red-white-and-blue sipper straws for these), and ice cream sundaes. Fixings for the sundaes, in bowls on a tray each with its own spoon, should be chocolate and butterscotch syrups, chopped nuts, whipped cream, maraschino cherries. Consult the band member of your family on whether a big layer cake or cupcakes or cookies is preferred with the sundaes. The proper oblong sundae dishes could be bought or borrowed from a soda fountain for the party. These are a good investment in a teen-age household.