How to play tug of war rules

Tug-of-war a test of team strength

In an unofficial game, divide eight or more players into two teams that seem equally strong. Players on both sides line up facing their opponents.

Wrap black tape around the middle of a thick rope long enough to accommodate both rows of players. Tape-mark 6 feet either side of this middle mark. Mark the ground under the rope similarly with sticks. stones, or chalk. Instruct team members to pick up the rope and hold it firmly with both hands (gloves may be worn); the first player of each team is directly behind the rope’s 6-foot mark.

Count to three, upon which each team digs in its heels and pulls.

The first team to pull its opponents’ 6-foot marker over its own 6-foot marker wins. A team that collectively falls down or lets go of the rope loses.