What is Depression

Depression is one of the most universal of all human emotions. No one can expect to go through life without experiencing depressions. A depression brought about by sad events, failures, or financial reverses (and thus one which is entirely understandable) is sometimes referred to as a reactive depression. It is not always possible to identify the causes of depressions, however. Some seem to arise almost spontaneously from within; to put it another way, the events that trigger them seem to be insufficient causes. Some of the depressions that are seen in middle-aged individuals fall into this category and are sometimes referred to as endogenous depressions.

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Free Definition of what is an Abscess

An abscess is any localized collection of pus in the body. An abscess forms as a result of invasion by bacteria or other organisms. with consequent breakdown of tissue. Abscesses are often described in terms of their locations. Thus an appendiceal abscess is one occurring within the abdominal cavity in close relation to the appendix, and generally subsequent to a ruptured appendix, i.e., appendicitis.

A lung abscess frequently follows an inflammation in the lung caused by certain organisms such as the staphylococcus, or as a result of violent mixed infections that may occur if vomited material is aspirated into the lungs.

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How much should I weigh

A desirable body weight depends on balancing energy intake – determined by food choices – with energy output – determined by one’s basal metabolism (energy needs of the body at rest) plus one’s level of physical activity. The number of calories an individual will need every day depends on age, sex, size, and level of physical activity.