How to extend an electrical circuit wiring

How power is distributed in a house; extending a circuit

Caution: Before working on an electric circuit, shut off power to it at the fuse box or circuit breaker panel.

Electricity flows along a continuous wire circuit from a power plant to a power-drawing device such as a lamp or appliance and back again. The amount of current flowing past a given point in a wire is measured in amperes or amps. The pressure that forces current through a wire is measured in colts. The use of electricity is measured in watts, which are equal to volts multiplied by amperes.

How to make formal introductions

Following the rules of etiquette. The standard rule is to introduce men to women, the younger person to the older, and those of lesser rank (or importance to you) to those of higher rank. Just say the higher ranking person’s name first. “Mother, this is my friend Julie.” “Dr. Brinkerhoff, may I present Mr. Frank Durr. ” “Debbie, I’d like you to meet Jim Smith. Jim, this is Debbie Donahue.”

How to inventory your house

Making a room-by-room record of your possessions. If your home is burglarized or damaged by fire, an accurate inventory of its contents will substantiate your insurance claim or tax deduction. An inventory also helps you monitor the number, age, and condition of your belongings, making it particularly useful if you move or sublet your home furnished. Companies selling fire and homeowner’s insurance often provide free booklets in which to list household inventory.