How to decorate for an engagement party

Usually the dinner or supper table reflects the engaged girl’s personal taste in flowers and color scheme. One gay Boston announcement dinner, which was the envy of all the girls who attended, was pink and white throughout in decoration. Pink organdy mats and matching napkins were used on a long mahogany table.

Three shallow, rose-pink antique glass bowls placed down the center of the table held low arrangements of pink roses, white tulips, babies’-breath, and white freesia. Pink-bordered white china was used for all courses except the dessert, which was served on rose-pink antique plates matching the flower bowls. Pink and white candles in tall silver and glass sticks were used on the table and elsewhere in the room.


The same color scheme can be adapted to a buffet supper. Use a large pink organdy or linen cloth on the buffet table, or leave it bare except fora few pink mats used under the piles of plates and to cover hot-dish pads. The small tables to seat four guests, placed around the room or porch, add pretty color if they are covered with matching pink linen cloths, with a small bouquet of mixed pink and white sweet peas as centerpieces.