Plan a passover seder celebration

plan-a-passover-seder-celebration-photoPassover Seder is a great tribute to a guest, for it is a religious festival celebrated by Jewish families in the sanctity of their homes. The services are of deep meaning and beauty, and the rituals follow closely those observed in ancient times.

Passover is celebrated in the spring of each year. Sometimes the date occurs at the same time as Easter. According to tradition, Christ was crucified before sundown on the fourteenth day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, the date of Passover. Early Christians and Jews observed Passover and the Easter season at the same time. When Christians adopted the Roman calendar, which was based on the solar year, the observance of Easter became a variable date, the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox (March 21st in our calendar today).

Simple easter dinner recipes and ideas

simple-easter-dinner-recipes-and-ideas-photoSome families who do not entertain during Lent like to have a dinner party on Easter Sunday. Whether dinner is served in the early afternoon or in the evening, the traditional spring lamb roast or baked Easter ham is usually the featured dish. Tiny new potatoes, at least one green vegetable such as peas or asparagus, and some special dessert, possibly the current favorite of the college youngsters home for vacation, are traditional in such dinners.

Easy easter breakfast brunch recipes

easy-easter-breakfast-brunch-recipes-photoWell suited to this occasion is a coupé of assorted chilled melon balls for the first-course fruit, scalloped eggs and tomatoes, broiled lamb chops with fresh mint garnish, and pan-browned potatoes as the hot dishes, and small hot muffins, strawberry jam, cinnamon cake, and coffee. Lamb chops may be omitted and crisp bacon served on the eggs.

An alternate menu for brunch might be: a section of chilled cantaloupe garnished with pitted black cherries, eggs Gruyere, broiled thin slices of Easter ham, brown-and-serve biscuits, gooseberry jam or apple butter, pancake pie and coffee.