How to hold a memorial day party celebration

how-to-hold-a-memorial-day-party-celebration-photoTray Luncheon is popular for this sort of semi-official entertaining, since it is easily served and its informality creates just the atmosphere needed. A tray luncheon can be decorative as well as delicious. Matching Italian papier-mache trays, rattan trays, or brightly lacquered Japanese trays, or a set made in the school carpentery shop add interest to the party. So do novelty stainless steel knives and forks with colored plastic or wooden handles in place of your best silver.

How to throw a May Day party

Many suburban, village, and small-city women who belong to church sewing groups, garden clubs, and assorted community welfare organizations have long since adopted the first day of May, May Day, as their own for a variety of kindly deeds. They have borrowed the charming childhood custom of leaving a flower-filled basket at a neighbor’s door.

But the doors are the doors of shut-ins, of lonely old people, sick men and women, hospital wards, veterans’ hospitals, and similar institutions.

Seder and Pesach planning and meals

seder-and-pesach-planning-and-meals-photoAt the Seder various foods are present which symbolize the hardships the Israelites suffered during their bondage in Egypt and praise given for their deliverance. Matzah (matzoth), unleavened bread, is eaten in memory of the fact that the Jews, escaping from Egypt, had no time to leaven their bread. Bitter herbs (maror) symbolize the embittered existence of the Israelites during their enslavement in Egypt. The shank bone of a lamb is on the table, a reminder of the paschal lamb. Roasted or hard-cooked eggs are served, symbols of the free-will offering that accompanied the sacrifice of the lamb.