How to hold an engagement Lunch Party

This important luncheon is given by the mother or an aunt, a sister or older female relative, or a close friend of the engaged girl for her and her best friends and favorite female relatives. Any delicious favorite menu, simple or elaborate, can be served, depending on the season and the facilities of the home of the hostess and whether she must prepare and serve the luncheon or whether there is a cook and waitress or some other helper.

How to throw a home improvement party shower

A do-it-yourself shower for a young couple who will live in an old house, or an apartment in an old-style residence, is fun and sure to please the engaged pair, especially if they are furnishing with hand-me-downs from their families and pieces bought secondhand, or at auction sales and antique shops. The idea of the shower for them is that every guest brings a small piece of furniture, such as a box, stool, small table, lamp, tray, and the means of refinishing it effectively. The refinishing is started at the party and the refinished pieces are the shower gifts.