Vitali Klitschko announced his retirement from boxing today. This is shocking news, as he was supposed to have just sprained his knee last week. In fact, the treatment for the sprained knee was going well. What is the real story here?

Dan Rafael of ESPN.COM is covering the story and he has the wording of Klitschko’s announcement:

The decision to retire from professional sports was a very difficult one, one of the hardest I have ever had to make. I love boxing and am proud to be the WBC and Ring heavyweight champion. But I would like to end my career at its peak so I am retiring now as the champion to clear the way for my successors.

His injury had been sold as not being too bad, as Klitschko had braced his knee and attempted to spar. But further diagnosis showed the slightly torn meniscus  and a ruptured ACL, which the other doctors had missed.

This means Hasim Rahman becomes the champion. It also means that Don King now controls all four title holders. Interesting. That worked out well for King.

Hasim Rahman is still not happy, though, and wants to take on Klitschko’s younger brother, Wladimir:

There is still a Klitschko fight that can be made. I can fight Wladimir. Maybe he’ll get in the ring with me. You got Brewster, Byrd, Toney. There are several viable fights to make for me. I am in a position of strength.