As a fan of the St. Louis Rams, you can’t escape the simple fact that we should have won two super bowls by now if not for Mike Martz.

John Czarnecki has an article on Fox Sports talking about how Mike Martz must deliver this season or else.

John runs through the changes in the offseason that lead up this this. These include:

  • The change to Field Turf in the Edward D. Jones Dome
  • Old linebackers
  • Executive uneasiness

John thinks the Rams should have won the super bowl against the New England Patriots:

He was the architect of the offense. But when he failed to beat good buddy Bill Belichick in the 2001 Super Bowl, Martz took a major hit around the NFL. With respect to talent alone, the Patriots’ win over the Rams was a bigger upset than Joe Namath and the Jets whipping the Colts.


Mike Martz just wins, right? But when the pressure mounts he folds. Remember, this is a NFL head coach that had never been a head coach at any level at all. He wasn’t even head coach for pee wee football prior to becoming the St. Louis Rams head coach.

Yes, this is a hot seat year for Coach Martz. If the St. Louis Rams don’t make the playoffs this year Mike Martz will be fired.