The Heisman Trophy was hosted by the Downtown Athletic Club in New York, but they closed several years ago. Since September 11, when the Downtown Athletic Club was closed, the Heisman Trophy presentation has bounced around several Manhattan locations. Today it was announced that the new home will be the new National Sports Museum.

Bill Dockery, president of the Heisman Trophy Trust said:

The Heisman deserves a permanent home. We’re had offers coming in from all over the country. But we’re delighted that the trophy is staying in New York City and staying downtown where it was born, nurtured and grew to be the premier individual sports award in America.

The National Sports Museum is dedicated to:

The National Sports Museum will be a dynamic and interactive venue dedicated to the history and cultural significance of sports. The NSM will offer exhibits and events that allow visitors to appreciate a variety of sports, teams, players, coaches, cities and fans. It will also serve as a central location for hosting nationally visible sports-related events.