It’s no surprise the St. Louis Rams have decided to move their training camp from Macomb, Illinois back to St. Louis. Macomb isn’t exactly easy to get to from St. Louis. In this age of spoiled players you can’t expect them to actually drive anywhere.

Someone better let Macomb know, though.

Actually, training camp in St. Louis provides several opportunities for the Rams.

The St. Louis Rams are a reflection of their coach Mike Martz. They are disjointed, unprepared and not ready for very much. But training in St. Louis helps them in five areas:

  1. Lessen Leonard Little’s Driving: You can’t take too many chances on this. The less he drives the less he’ll be in trouble. The Rams should draft a player from a small, christian school to be Leonard’s driver.
  2. Better Chance Orlando Pace Goes to Camp: Even though his contract situation is resolved Orlando doesn’t have the best sense of direction. This will give him a chance to find his way to camp.
  3. Quicker Coach Turnover: Mike Martz can fire coaches and hire friends quicker now. Those dearly departed or newly arriving won’t have the long drive to Macomb to end or start their careers.
  4. St. Louis Media: <insert cricket sound>
  5. Peter King Can’t Bitch about the Food: In his postcards series Peter rates the food at various training camps. Since the camp will be in a major city with real restaurants he won’t have the chance to bitch.