Curt Schilling is an opinionated person, which is why it was odd he was so silent during the congressional steroid hearings. This week Curt Schilling is at it again and his target is Tony La Russa.

The topic is Edgar Renteria and what Tony La Russa said about him:

“sensitive and shy guy . . . you know Boston. There’s a lot of expectation here. The fans are very passionate and they’re not going to be as forgiving as they were in St. Louis. So we’re concerned that if he doesn’t really play to their expectations, and they start hootin’ on him . . . it will not help Edgar Renteria. . . . He’s a very good player and I think it’s gonna be hard for him to hide here.”

Schilling took exception to Tony La Russa talking about Edgar as if he manages him. The problem is that Tony La Russa is right.

Edgar Renteria has been a bust in Boston considering the money paid to him and Tony was explaining some of the reason why.

In St. Louis, Cardinal players are rarely booed and even the slightly impressive play is greeted with cheers and support. Edgar needs that, but Boston isn’t giving it to him.