It’s interesting to see what people will try to sell to make money. If it’s in anyway related to the death of a celebrity or superstar you can bet it’s going to find it’s way to the open market. That’s the case of pieces of Roberto Clemente’s plane that crashed and killed him.

Lelands auction house is facilitating the sale of of two pieces of the aircraft that was carrying Clemente when it crashed.

One of the pieces comes from a Puerto Rican pilot and the other piece comes from a well known collector who hired divers to look for wreckage of the plan.

The Clemente family is distressed:

“We will not tolerate anyone trying to benefit from my father’s passing. My father dedicated his entire life to helping those who needed it most. Whether it was giving 150 percent on the baseball diamond and building a foundation for future generations of Latin baseball players in America, or by traveling around the world offering inspiration and humanitarian aid to people of all races and colors, he was always looking out for others.

Roberto Clemente left a large legacy of giving and is honored by Major League Baseball’s Roberto Clemente Award.

The award is given:

The Roberto Clemente Award presented by John Hancock is given annually to a player who demonstrates the values Clemente displayed in his commitment to community and understanding the value of helping others