If there was ever mercy killing, it was the St. Louis Cardinals sweeping the San Diego Padres in the 2005 Divisional Series. The Padres finished the year a whopping 2 games above .500 and acted like they belonged in the playoffs. Funny thing is they didn’t.

How bad were the Padres? Including the playoffs they ended the year at 82-83. Horrible.

First game loser, Jake Peavy said:

We played well at times. We didn’t play that well at times. But that’s how this team was all year. We didn’t play well enough to beat a World Series-caliber team like the St. Louis Cardinals.

That’s nominated for the understatement of the year.

Just how bad were the Padres during the playoffs? They never held a lead. Never.

They have thee big time free agents to sign in the offseason: Trevor Hoffman, Ramon Hernandez and Brian Giles. Needless to say, next year’s San Diego Padres won’t resemble this year’s.

Which is probably a good thing.