Michael Vick was recently sued for allegedly passing an STD onto a sexual partner. The alias Mike Vick used was Ron Mexico. Now the NFL is trying to stop fans from ordering jerseys with that name on it. This is a bad idea for so many reasons.

The NFL needs to lighten up. If you have an idiot like Vick supposedly passing on an STD to a woman after using an alias, it’s funny. What is funnier than that?

Well, the name Ron Mexico. That is hilarious. What? Was Ron Cuba taken? What about China Ron? Who in their right mind allegedly makes up a name like Ron Mexico?

If Vick did this he should have picked something cooler like Austin Barnes or Deter Humen. He could have gone with the old standby Heywood Jablowme.

Seriously, the NFL is reacting like this is a state secret or something:

We did instruct our NFL Shop to not sell those jerseys. The jerseys are intended for fans who want to have their name on a jersey. Obviously, this was in direct reference to recent events. We decided it’s inappropriate to sell jerseys with that particular name on it.

What? You’re kidding.

I guess that screws over the other Ron Mexicos in the country. Then again when a real Ron Mexico was contacted he said:

He said he only knows of two other Ron Mexicos — and he’s related to both of them.