We all know the fiasco that McGwire brought on with his steroid testimony to congress. I’ve wondered how this would affect the value of his homerun balls. I haven’t seen anything on that, but the folks who have two of them talk about.

The article talks to Tim Forneris who gave the ball back to McGwire. Tim Forneris caught homer number 62 that broke Marris’ record.

They also talk to Philip Ozersky who caught ball number 70 to set the record until Roids Barry broke it. He received $2.7 million dollars for the ball.

Both of them talk about the excitement of the chase, but both have struggled with the steroids issue and McGwire.

The article reveals something I haven’t seen. They talk with  Todd McFarlane who bought homerun ball number 70. He acknowledges the value of the ball has diminished, but goes on to say about that mystical year:

We won’t be able to look at it with the same innocence.