This year has been a horrible year for the Chicago Cubs, particularly their pitchers. Yesterday, Mark Prior took a freak line drive off his elbow. Mark Prior is now on the disabled list and Cubs fans are distraught.

Mark Prior is taking it well:

“It could have been a lot worse, it could have been my career. Everyone knows the risks going out there and playing. It’s a game that’s supposed to be fun, but there are some inherent risks that go with it. I’ll be back. I’ve been hit before and it’s no big deal.”

Cubs fans are less agreeable:

“PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 8:53 pm
Really how many freakish injuries can one team get in one season? I don’t think I have seen a team in any sport suffer more devastating injuries in a two year span than the Cubs.

The Cubs can still be a .500 or above team without Prior but without him and Wood and Nomar there just isn’t enough to do much this season.”

Another one takes the road less traveled:

OK folks, let’s not set ourselves on fire here. Yes this sucks a lot, but this team certainly didn’t have the look of a team that was going to contend for either the wild card or the division. These injuries may just end up costing Wood and Prior a bunch of innings in a meaningless season. And if they’re going to lose, they may as well lose a lot. That way they’ll get better draft position this year, and maybe Hendry & Co. will be forced to address some of the real problems with this team, like lack of ability to get on base and shaky front of the bullpen.

I think the spazzes on ESPN who are talking about him being done for a year or two are way off base. I suffered a cracked bone in the second joint in my thumb, but it was a non-displaced fracture and the bone wasn’t shattered or anything. They put a splint on it and it was fine in a month. Now, I know the elbow is a more difficult joint and that he relies on it to make a living. But as long as the fracture is slight, non-displaced and there’s no shattering of the bone, he should be able to make a full recovery – knock on wood.

They should be worried. Very worried.

One fan sums up most of their feelings:

I’m so unbelievably numb.