Well, I guess Kellen Winslow Jr. got his second opinion. Today it was announced that Kellen Winslow Jr. will be out for the entire season. That’s two years in a row now that the Cleveland Browns will be without their first round pick.

This is Kellen Winslow Jr.’s statement:

I want to first and foremost thank the Cleveland Browns organization, the coaching staff, medical staff, my teammates and fans of the Cleveland Browns who have continued to pray for my recovery. I cannot express how moved I am by the support and words of encouragement I have received from all over the country.

To those members of the Cleveland Browns family who I have disappointed by my decision to ride a motorcycle, I humbly apologize. In hindsight it was unwise to attempt to learn to ride a motorcycle without a professional instructor in a controlled environment. While many of you are disappointed that I will not be on the field with my teammates for this upcoming season, no one is more disappointed in this fact than me.

I worked extremely hard to recover from last season’s injury. To the entire Cleveland Browns family, I pledge to work twice as hard to recover from the injuries sustained from my motorcycle accident.

I predict he’ll never be more than a normal tight end now. Ernie Conwell type rather than Todd Heap.

Notice in this announcement he didn’t talk about giving back any of the money he received from the Cleveland Browns. Pitiful. He’s sorry, but all he offers are words.