You have the world at your feet. Your father is a respected man in your industry. Your team has made you the centerpiece of their new strategy. What do you do? Throw it all away on a joy ride that is probably against your contract.

Today word came that Kellen Winslow Jr. has not gotten a second medical opinion on the right knee he hurt when he crashed his motorcycle. Amazing.

You know that this has to be frustrating Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel. Romeo is used to team players from the New England Patriots. Not prima donas like Winslow. He expressed his frustration as so:

“After he gets his second opinion we’ll know more, and then maybe we can get this pushed out the door.”

Romeo Crennel commented on how Winslow would act if the Cleveland Browns asked for some of the bonus money back:

“I’m not sure. That’s something that he and his agent are going to have to discuss and talk about and then they’re going to have to make their determination whenever that occurs or if that occurs.”

Yeah, right.

How about this K2 or whatever you want people to refer to you as … give the money back on your own. Be the man your father always was in the league.