I debated on which category Jason White’s “retirement” belonged in. College Football or Pro Football? I went with College Football, because he never really made a pro football team.

Jason White won the heisman and then almost won another the following year. He never excited me as a quarterback and seemed to be more of a product of the University of Oklahoma system more than anything else.

I also had an issue with his six years of eligibility. It seemed like he just didn’t want to leave college. Hello, Chris Weinke?

The Titans asked Jason White to come to camp as an undrafted rookie and he proceeded to battle for the third QB spot. Quite the fall for someone that led the University of Oklahoma to back to back BCS championships.

Announcing his retirement, Jason White said:

“I always had trouble, even in the summer, dropping back when practice wasn’t every day. Now that practice was every day it got to the point where one of my knees was super sore, so I started favoring it with the other one. Then the other one started hurting. I took a couple of days off this week and it hasn’t really changed.”

Bad knees. Bummer.

So, here’s to all the former heisman winners who fail to capture success in the NFL!