So, Jason Giambi has won the comeback player of the year for the american league. Interesting. I guess the United States really does have a forgiveness culture. Remember, this is the same Jason Giambi who admitted taking steroids. How does this happen?

Jason Giambi said, “I am truly humbled by this award.”

He should be. Giambi ended up hitting .271 with 32 home runs and 87 RBIs in the 2005 regular season. Nice statistics, but come on. He’s an admitted steroid user. Do you think the right message to send is making him the comeback player of the year?

Of course, the comeback player of the year is voted on by the fans. It’s silly. It’s a popularity contest. But for the record, let’s look at what he came back from:

  • twisted ankle
  • stomach virus
  • strained groin
  • respiratory infection
  • intestinal parasite
  • benign pituitary tumor

Do you think any of those had to do with steroids? Maybe it was the parasite? Who knows what Americans think sometimes.