It was back in 1916 that Georgia Tech ran up the record score for a football game when they crushed little Cumberland College of Lebanon, Tenn., 222 to O.

Cumberland was taking a terrific beating. Tech, fired up by the mounting score, was hitting so hard and tackling so viciously that the bewildered and disheartened Cumberland players were merely going through the motions of playing football. Then Cumberland took the ball after a Tech kick-off. On the first play, a battered and weary Cumberland back fumbled. The ball bounced crazily and came to rest at the feet of a fresh substitute who had just been sent into the game. The fumbling back let out a shout, “Fall on it, Bill!”

The substitute took one quick look at the big Georgia Tech lineman bearing down on him. “Fall on it yourself!” he yelped. “It’s your fumble!” And he hastily retreated to ‘safety behind his own goal line.