I knew we had an Auto Racing category for a reason. The big news this week has been Danica Patrick and her chances of winning the Indianapolis 500 this weekend.

Danica Patrick is a former high school cheerleader, but she thinks she has a chance to win the Indianapolis 500. Danica Patrick said:

“I like to have fun, too. But I put all that away when I’m in my race car or talking with my engineers I think I have a great chance of winning this race.”

History would seem to be against Danica Patrick. The following women have raced in the Indianapolis 500 before:

  • Janet Guthrie
  • Lyn St. James
  • Sarah Fisher

The best finish by a woman in the Indianapolis 500 was ninth by Janet Guthrie in 1978.

Will she win the Indianapolis 500? I don’t think so. It’s one thing to have the confident attitude that Danica Patrick has, but it’s another thing to have the experience. Danica Patrick lacks the experience in the big race that drivers need.

I think she’ll finish top ten.