1869 Princeton and Rutgers pioneered intercollegiate football at New Brunswick, N.J., playing games on successive Saturdays-Nov. 6 and Nov. 13. Rutgers won the first, 6 to 4 and Princeton took the second, 8 to 0, both games under soccer rules.

1870 Columbia organized and played both Rutgers and Princeton-soccer rules.

1872 Yale created a football team and played one game, beating Columbia, 3 to 0-soccer rules.

1873 Late in year, Princeton, Rutgers, Columbia and Yale met and drafted a code, with soccer rules prevailing. Harvard declined to join.

1874 Harvard defeated McGill under “Boston Game” rules, 3 goals to 0, at Cambridge, Mass.

1874 Harvard played McGill University at rugby, introduced by McGill. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.

1875 Yale and Harvard met for the first time, and predominating “Concessionary Rules” were rugby, as advocated by Harvard. Harvard won, 4 goals to 0.

1876 American Intercollegiate Football Association created at Springfield, Mass., membership being Princeton, Rutgers, Columbia, Harvard and Yale. Yale claimed first championship, defeating Harvard, Columbia and Princeton, with E.V. Baker as Yale captain. Rules governing game were those of Rugby Union with changes. A goal was made equal to 4 touchdowns.

1877 15 players constituted a team, arranged as follows: 9 men on rush line, 1 quarterback, 2 halfbacks, 1 three-quarter back and 2 fullbacks. Length of game 90 minutes.

1878 It was decided that players were to discard tights and wear canvas pants and jackets.