As sure as the sun rises, the Cincinnati Reds are struggling again. Their record of 21-35 is close to the worst in baseball. Only the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies have a worst record. There is some talk that a shake up of the team is going to happen.

The Cincinnati Reds have long lost the bloom of the Big Red Machine, but this season is even bad when compared to other bad seasons.

For instance, the Cincinnati Reds:

  • The Reds are hitting .253 as a team
  • The Reds are pitching at a 5.40 ERA clip
  • Opponents are hitting .304 against them
  • The starters are just 13-27

Cincinnati Reds Chief Operating Office John Allen flew to Denver and met with manager Dave Miley on Sunday. Can you imagine what the discussion entailed?

John Allen said about the Cincinnati Reds:

“Certainly the status-quo end result is unacceptable. I’m not going to pinpoint names, but I don’t think any of us find this acceptable. We have some very professional players in this locker room that I know are in a lot of misery right now.”

How about the fans, John?

Allen also said:

“Obviously, everybody is very disappointed with the performance of the team from top to bottom. I can’t or will not pinpoint anyone person or any one phase of the game. You all sit and watch the games just like we all do. There is more than one phase that isn’t going right. I just want to convey the message that everyone understood this poor performance is unacceptable. This team is better than that.”