The Phillies have taken fan participation to a new level with the introduction of the Broadcast Dream. Broadcast Dream allows you to call an actual half inning of a baseball game and walk away with a CD of your efforts.

Imagine being able to sit in a real booth and do the play by play. At the end you’ll have a a CD for your efforts.

Lest you think you can do that at home understand that in the baseball booth you get the excitement of being at the game and you can create your own reality:

While McCarthy is doing play-by-play, his friend Matt O’Shea supplies bursts of color commentary. O’Shea insists that Mike Schmidt is still at third base for Philadelphia. Both fans are wearing Mets jerseys and Mets caps, inducing cheers from fellow New Yorkers and ugly looks from Phillies fans who do double takes every time they hear McCarthy scream, “There’s another deep drive!”

The cost of Broadcast Dream is $10 for a half an inning.