Bernie’s latest column looks at the St. Louis Cardinals and their play in the NL Central. The article is titled: Central Division gives the Cards too cozy a home. It’s a good article and the type that Bernie excels at producing.

Bernie starts of in a complimentary tone towards the Cardinals:

“…the Cardinals and their fans are enjoying another successful baseball season in St. Louis.”

He talks about another reporter and the trends in St. Louis Cardinal wins and then he gets to the meat of his column:

“I do not wish to spoil the ballpark peanuts and Crackerjack, but it’s difficult to evaluate the Cardinals for a simple reason: Their record is distorted by the thick, hideous murk of the National League Central division.”

This isn’t a concept that many St. Louis Cardinal fans are familiar with. The NL Central division is the graveyard of Major League Baseball this season.

Bernie goes on to say that the St. Louis Cardinals are 16-4 against NL Central teams and 11-12 against all other opponents.

Bernie doesn’t leave us hanging. He looks into why this disparity exists and he does a great job.

“Why is this division so horrible? Rivals aren’t as financially committed or capable. According the 2005 payroll survey by the Associated Press, St. Louis is spending $5 million more than the Cubs, $16 million more than the Astros, $31 million more than the Reds, $53 million more than the Brewers and $54 million more than the Pirates.”

This was a great article and really shows Bernie Miklasz at the top of his game.

Score: 10 out of 10