Bernie’s latest article takes on the bean fest that happened between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. The game was filled with players being hit by pitchers and pitchers and managers tossed.

Bernie starts off showing the love between the teams:

Earlier, players from both teams had chatted amiably around the batting cage. The Cardinals and the Red Sox were having a pleasant interleague series, the kind of showcase that’s positive for the game.

If I was a St. Louis Cardinal I don’t think I would be chatting nicely with the team that swept me in the world series, but you may be different.

Bernie shakes down how the game went:

The Cardinals and the Red Sox turned their baseball detente into just another Yankees vs. Red Sox “Sopranos” psychodrama.


Bernie then talks about the last hit bats man:

At that point, manager Tony La Russa’s players had been hit three times. The Cardinals were losing on the HBP scoreboard, 3-1. Was it just a coincidence, then, when Reyes nailed Red Sox pinch-hitter Kevin Youkilis in the top of the eighth?

He then follows up with a nice quote from Tony La Russa:

“It’s one of those games when pitches got away,” La Russa said. “Both clubs don’t like to get hit. But it was not intentional. I know the umpires thought it looked bad, but I don’t think it was intentional on either side.”

Yeah, right. Bernie doesn’t let him get away with this:

La Russa can deny it, but I don’t think any reasonable baseball person would criticize the Cardinals for trying to even up the HBP count in the eighth inning. If three of Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s guys had been bruised by pitches under suspicious circumstances, no one would blame him for retaliating.

Bernie wraps up his column with:

It’s probably a smart idea for the Red Sox to withdraw from the celebrity circuit. But just because they came out of the beauty parlor and decided to play hardball, the Cardinals weren’t about to back down.

S L A M.

Perfect column for a perfect night at the ballpark.

Score: 10 out of 10