Bernie Miklasz’s latest column delves into the two teams, Illinois and North Carolina, that will be fighting for the national championship.

The article takes a look at the popular beliefs and offers some good points.

Bernie could have mailed this article in, but he has two very good points that most commentators haven’t picked up on.

Bernie Miklasz’s two good points:

On the other side of the matchup, North Carolina’s only exposed weakness is something Illinois can exploit. Carolina has a tendency to flake out and have defensive lapses

Bernie nails this one. Not many people have been talking about this hole, but Bernie does. It would have been nice to hear his reasons why they have this tendency.

Since trailing 75-60 in that contest, Illinois has outscored Arizona and Louisville 102-71.

Bernie’s use of statistics is usually right on the mark and he doesn’t disappoint here. Excellent stat used at the right time.

There is one thing he misses the mark on:

And with Carolina lacking urgency against Michigan State, the irate Williams made the locker-room walls shake with a raw version of country grammar.

A Nelly reference? Ok, that was pushing it.

Score: 7 out of 10.