Bernie is back from vacation and talks about the Cubs and Cardinals rivalry. It’s a pretty bland article that talks about the book 3 Nights in August. Really it’s a look back at last year.

Bernie starts off slowly talking about how Dusty Baker hasn’t read the book yet and then Bernie transitions to last year.

After that he states:

Even though the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry has forced some tension into the lengthy La Russa-Baker friendship, the mutual respect remains firm. Gratuitous shots are infrequent.

Um, that’s not too interesting. I hope Bernie follows up with a a gratuitous shot.

One of the more appealing aspect of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry is the absence of posturing and the relative purity of the competition compared with the 3-ring circus that erupts whenever the Yankees and Red Sox share the same lawn.

Oh. So boring is good now. So much for the gratuitous shot. This is much more enjoyable.

/insert yawn

Good … here comes a Tony La Russa quote:

The fans are into it, but they’re not beating each other up in the stands that I know of. I just have a distaste for complimenting our rivalry and putting another one down – whether it’s the Red Sox-Yankees or anyone else you want to talk about. I think it’s good that we’ve got a real good rivalry, and we are one of the real good rivalries. That’s enough.

/insert snoring sound

Bernie finishes with:

Spoken with true Midwestern understatement.

Can someone email me and let me know what this column was all about? The best I can get is that:

  1. Bernie is shilling the book.
  2. It was a slow day.
  3. Bernie didn’t quite make it back from vacation.
  4. He’s insulting the Midwest.

Score: 0 out of 10. I think this is the first 0 Bernie has ever earned.