Bernie Miklasz looks back at the NCAA 2005 Championship game and how St. Louis did as the host city. He mixes in the fact that Sean May and his father Scott May have both won championships. Scott May won his against Indiana in 1976.

I am not sure if the blending of the city doing well and Sean May doing well works. Here is what Bernie says:

Carolina is back.

And so is St. Louis as a host city for the NCAA men’s basketball championship.

Eh. It’s not that Carolina’s been missing as much as it had an off year. St. Louis hasn’t had an off year, it’s had a couple of off decades. I think it’s a stretch, but I know where he’s going with it.

The best part of his article is the ending:

Monday night at The Ed, the best team won.

It was a great night for St. Louis, and a better night for North Carolina.

Sometimes columnists grandstand and blow things out of proportion. Bernie doesn’t usually do that and this article is a great example of how he sometimes delivers the most with the least words.

Score: 7 out of 10.