Wikipedia and Library of Congress Mashup

Well, you have a website, your original idea falls through, so you come up with another one. I’ve wanted to do something related to the public domain photos in the Library of Congress, but could never come up with an idea. Until now.

The best thinking happens in the shower, and this time was no exception. I thought it’d be a great mashup to randomly select a wikipedia article and then search for a photo in the Library of Congress online archive.

The random page will probably not have a corresponding photo, so I will move from left to right in the title and keep searching. One word has to hit, right? For instance, let’s say I randomly get the Blue Widget Loving article. I would search for Blue Widget Loving, then Widget Loving and finally Loving. If I don’t get a hit I will move on.

Once the hit is made I will craft a story or article based on the photo. It might be factual, it might be fictional, but it will be creative.

Since this site is 102 Free Things I’m going to do this 102 times. Today’s is the first time, so here we go.