What is wrong with the united states

The random shot took me to an article about George Doyle, an Irish football player. In the US that would be soccer player. There we no George Doyle photos, so I dumped it to Doyle and found four photos.

I liked this one from the Office of War, 1943:


What you are witnessing are three things that would come to spell trouble for the United States. Take a close look at this photo and you’ll see them for what they are.

Smoking: Soldier number one is smoking. To make it worse, they’re unfiltered cigarettes. For all we know, this is the person that caused the downfall of the smoking industry by not smoking properly.

Obesity: Solder four, from left to right, seems to have slid in under the weight guidelines for the Army. Though in retrospect, I don’t think he could have slid under them. If only he had controlled his weight we wouldn’t have the epidemic we have today.

Ill fitting jackets: Soldier three has fallen under the mysterious control of the Nazi shrinking potion. At one time his jacket fit properly, although snuggly. Now, well, just look at it. Nothing like making a disasterous fashion choice in the middle of a war.

Tee Pee tents: I guess we didn’t learn that tee pee tents are for parties and not signing documents.