What is archery flight shooting

In addition to shooting at fixed targets, the archers also indulge in variations called “flight shooting” and “free style shooting,” both being for distance, and not accuracy.

In “flight shooting” the archer stands erect, holding the arrow in one hand, the bow in the other-the same position as when shooting at a target. But in “free style shooting” the archer lies on his back, with the bow strapped to his feet, and draws the bowstring with both hands. The pull on the bow in regular flight shooting scales from 45 to 85 pounds, but in free flight shooting, the pull is about 150 pounds.

Flight shooting records have skyrocketed in recent years. In 1928 the best the men could do in the unlimited division (regular style) was 300 yards 9 inches. The record in 1958 was 705 yards 2 feet. The free-style mark, 518 yards in 1933, was boosted to 790 yards in 1958. Women also have made long strides in the flight field. Their unlimited record in 1928 was 259 yards, This was almost doubled when the measuring rod showed 505 yards in 1950. The women’s free-style mark has jumped from 406 yards 1 foot 10 inches in 1937 to 575 yards 2 feet.