What can small business payroll tell you about the economy

There were two interesting reports released this week concerning small business payroll. Looking at data about payrolls, even if it only represents a small percentage of small business, is important to see trends. In this case, it appears both the trends are positive.

The first report comes from Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), which is one of the larger payroll processing companies.  They publish a report called the The ADP National Employment Report on a regular basis.

The latest report reflects some positive news for small businesses. A total of 97,000 jobs were added in the last 30 days. This is for non-farm, private businesses. It would appear the economy is expanding in the service industry.

The next data comes from SurePayroll, another payroll processing company. They look at the wages of small business employees, and they announced that the average pay increased by  2.7% to make the average salary paid by a small business, $32,142.

Both of these reports are good news for people like us, small business owners. They show that the steps taken by our economy are paying off for us.

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