What are the obesity rates in Mexico

The news today that Pepsi is going to use video games to combat obesity in Mexico made me pause. No, it’s not that a HFC factory like Pepsi thinks a video games can combat childhood obesity. It was the fact there is a Mexican obesity problem. I would have thought that obesity wouldn’t be an issue for Mexicans, but it turns out it is.

According to an article in theĀ Guardian Unlimited, Mexico has a big problem. I dug into this further and found the INSP, which is theMexican equivilant to our CDC. I don’t speak Spanish, but between the article and the site I found these statistics:

35% of Mexican adults are obese

77% of Mexican adults are overweight

25% of Mexican children are overweight

The interesting thing about the INSP site is that they aren’t fixated on obesity. They are very concerned about type 2 diabtes. I found this interesting, well as much as Google translator would let me, as they seem to be honing in on avoiding the issues associated with obesity.