West Texas A&M football Coach Ronnie Jones Marketing Business?

In reports today, it was learned that football Coach Ronnie Jones of West Texas A&M resigned. Allegedly he was running a marketing business from his office during work time.

A University investigation concluded he used state and school resources for personal gain, which is a no-no. Lee Hays was announced as his interim replacement.

What business did the University find was being run? A multi-level marketing business. Talk about embarrassing.

From the Athletic Director, Ed Harris:

Ronnie Jones did use state and university resources for personal gain. He operated a multi-level marketing business out of his University office, taking advantage of West Texas A&M property, facilities, funds, information technology resources, equipment, supplies, services and employee time.

It gets worse:

Mr. Jones abused his authority as head football coach. Whether intentional or not, by the very nature of his position he exerted undue influence on student-athletes and employees by soliciting memberships in his marketing venture.

Prior to coming to West Texas A&M Ronnie Jones was with the Buffalo Bills for two years and has worked for the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Rams.