Tracking obesity cures through 2008

I am very excited about the beginning of the year. I’ve wanted to start tracking the reported obesity cures in the media for a while and the beginning of the year seemed like a good time.

The new category is created and I am going to cheat. On this last day of 2007 I am going to add two inaugural obesity cures to the list. Trying to decide how to format the information was important. At first I thought a simple page that I updated with the latest news would work, but what happens during link rot? It’s going to suck come the end of 2008 to look back at the cures if the original link is unavailable.


I decided to combine efforts. The single page with the cures will be updated with links to the stories. The pages will be broken out by month and a snippet from the article will be posted. In addition, I am going to print out a running screen shot of the article in case it disappears. Problem solved.

A good game would be to guess how many obesity cures the media will post in 2008. I’m going to say 100 new obesity cures will be talked about.