September 2008 Obesity Cures List

The following were identified in the press in September 2008 as cures for obesity:


ExerciseColor me shocked. Who knew exercise could cure obesity … even genetic obesity?

The study showed, as past research has, that people with certain variations of the FTO gene were more likely to be overweight. However, the researchers found that being genetically predisposed to obesity “had no effect on those with above average physical activity scores.”



Music: Well, it’s not just music , but what music can do for obesity. It makes it easier to exercise.

Music reduces the perception of effort by blocking out messages associated with fatigue. It can make the activity seem less hard and more pleasurable.



Buying food for kids: Yes, if you supply kids with food at school it will beat obesity. Breakfast and lunch are supplied. Interesting. I don’t think it does anything to fix the issue, though they are talking early intervention.

It’s part of the obesity strategy. Early intervention is essential. Getting the children to eat healthy from a young age means they develop the habit and carry those healthy food messages back into the home as well.