September 2008 Obesity Causes List

The following were identified in the press during September 2008 as obesity causes:


Fat cells: Many people don’t understand that fat cells just don’t up and disappear. They actually empty and compact themselves. It turns out that we’re chock full of baby fat cells that regulate fat storage. The bright ones would like to modify the fat cells to become more insulin sensitive. Nothing like make it easy.

Graff said, “We know that skinnier fat cells send out good signals and fatter fat cells send out bad signals. TZDs alter them so that they are more insulin-sensitive.”


Food advertising: Companies push food, usually sugary items, through the television. The CDC seems to think that the advertising is a cause of obesity. Who knew watching a commercial would cause fat?

“Children can’t make healthy food decisions for themselves and they and their parents are being influenced by advertising,” said Dr. Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC


Lack of sleepSome scientists now believe that kids losing just an hour of sleep on the weekend end up obese. It sort of makes sense if you think about it. What are they doing the time they are awake?

It seems very likely that it’s the low sleep duration that’s contributing to obesity, probably through various hormonal mechanisms that we know are associated with sleep deprivation.