NFL 2006 Draft: Pick Number Thirty One 31 – Kelly Jennings, Seattle Seahawks

Kelly Jennings was the thirty one 31 pick of the 2006 NFL Draft. Kelly Jennings went to the Seattle Seahawks as a defensive back. Round 1 pick 31. Thirty first.

Kelly Jennings went to Miami.

Kelly Jennings Pros: Great cover skills.

Kelly Jennings Cons: Avoids direct contact.

This is a photograph of Kelly Jennings in action:


Photo Credit: Senior Bowl

How tall is Kelly Jennings: 6 foot

How much does Kelly Jennings weigh: 177 pounds

What is Kelly Jennings’ hometown: Live Oak, FL

What high school did Kelly Jennings go to: Suwanee High School

Birthdate What is Kelly Jennings’ birthday: November 30, 1982