NFL 2005 Draft: Pick Number seventy four 74 – Justin Tuck, New York Giants

Justin Tuck was the number seventy four 74 pick of the 2005 NFL Draft.  Justin Tuck went to the New York Giants as a defensive end. Round one 3 pick 10. Seventy fourth pick.

Justin Tuck went to Notre Dame.

This is what Notre Dame said about him:

In 2004, Tuck faced constant double-team coverage and did not match his lofty statistics from the previous season, as he still had some problems with his knee, which eventually prevented him from playing vs. Oregon State in the Bowl. He concluded the season with 47 tackles, six sacks and 14 stops for losses.

This is a photograph of Justin Tuck in action:


Photo Credit: AP

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How tall is Justin Tuck: 6 feet 4 inches

How much does Justin Tuck weigh: 256 pounds

What is Justin Tuck’s hometown: Kellyton, AL

What high school did Justin Tuck go to: Central Coosa County High School

What is Justin Tuck’s birthdate: March 29, 1983 – 3/29/83