Mark McGwire Hall of Fame Watch – Could steroids shrink more than testicles?

Just like some of you, I watched with utter dismay the pathetic testimony of Mark McGwire in front of congress. His denials and overtones were those of someone who could be guilty. Did Mark McGwire use steroids? I don’t know, but all his actions made him look guilty. What is interesting is that Mark McGwire’s hall of fame chances are now coming under fire.

Many of us lived the summer of 1998 in a fantasy land. If you were lucky enough to live in St. Louis at the time, you remember the magical feeling of listening to KMOX and hoping Mark would hit another one. Those outside the area were constantly interrupted during their games with break ins from FOX Sports on live at bats. The excitement was real. It was thick.

We all know what Mark did, but now with the steroids issue, he’s coming under more fire. His horrible testimony has all but made his induction into the hall of fame questionable.

There are about 500 members of the Baseball Writer’s Association of America and they are responsible for voting players into the baseball hall of fame.

You need 75% of the vote and in a recent informal poll conducted by the Associated Press McGwire received 55.6% of the vote.

That’s a wake up call.

You have one of the best players to ever play the game and due to his inability to stand up and either deny or admit he took steroids he’ll be kept out of the hall.