John Hadley sucks and now he sucks for the Rams

In what is probably the largest conflict of interest in the history of St. Louis media, local media guy John Hadley is going to work for the St. Louis Rams. Yes, John Hadley, the man who is often wrong and never minds saying it, is going to work for the St. Louis Rams.

To know John Hadley is to know self importance. It isn’t so much that John Hadley sucks, it’s the degrees in which he sucks. His “new flashes” are hardly ever right and his ability to manipulate what he considers news into spin is incredible.

Officially, John Hadley has been hired by the St. Louis Rams to provide statistics. His official title will be director of research and internet consultant. Um, ok.

While working for the Rams, John Hadley will continue to do his normal Foxsports Midwest and KTRS duties. This includes opinion on the Rams and news updates. When asked about the conflict of interest John Hadley said:

This whole conflict thing — if I had been ripping the Rams for three years, ripping Martz for four years, it would be a different story. But they’ve been calling me a homer for how many years now? I’ve been adamantly supportive of the team and Martz.

So, just because he’s been a homer there is no conflict of interest? Come on.

I give it six months and then John Hadley will be gone.