Industrial painting as a career choice

Hitting the random button directed me to the RMV page. The first entry was Registry of Motor Vehicles, so I took it. My photo search for the whole name showed nothing. I then moved to Motor Vehicles and received 20 hits. Woot, our first go at this!

I  settled on the following photo by Alfred Palmer:


Imagine being a young, talented man. Your talent comes out in painting. Your creations inspire others, and cause a wellspring of emotion to flow from your family. The war is on and it’s time to do your part. The army has the perfect job for you, painter. Will you be creating portraits? Will you be documenting history’s finest moments?


You will paint numbers on trucks sequentially. Every day you find new ways to work within the stencil, to flourish each creation with your own flair. You have made a career in painting numbers for yourself. These numbers won’t make anyone cry. There will be no inspiration from these numbers, but looking at them you know you laid your mark on them.